Brewing | Kalita Wave | Ethiopia Sidama Natural

We're back with another addition of our brewing series, this time we're sharing a pour over recipe for one of our newest arrivals, Ethipoia Sidama Natural

As always, our inspiration behind this series is to help our community either begin their journey into manual brewing methods, or act as a starting point for additional tweaking and calibration for those who are more seasoned.

Each post will include recipes for at least one of these three popular manual brewing devices (Chemex, V60/Kalita Wave, and Aeropress), and will include grind settings based on a Baratza Encore, a popular entry-level home burr grinder. We are excited to team up on this series with Alex Wallace (@wallacecoffee on Instagram), who will be contributing his personal recipes and findings with each coffee.

So without further ado, let's brew some of this Ethiopia natural!


Region - Oromia
Varietal - Ethiopia Heirloom
Process - Natural
Elevation - 2100-2300 M
We Taste: honeysuckle, blueberry, white tea

This is the perfect warm weather sipper, beginning with an aroma of honeysuckle followed by some ripe blueberry sweetness toward the middle. While this coffee is hotter the body feels soft and creamy, and as it cools turns into a more delicate finish reminiscent of white tea.

Ethiopia Sidama Natural is very versatile for brewing and we think it makes a great iced coffee as well as a more adventurous single origin espresso option.


"This is a really delicious natural Ethiopian and it’s actually one of my favorites that Atomic has put out recently!

This coffee has huge sweetness and texture with a delicate, but nice acidity. In the cup I’m getting nice notes of honey with a forever finish of sweet blueberries. It has a soft vanilla and honeysuckle combo as it cools down too, leaving you with a tasty finish".


Quick Facts

Method: Kalita Wave
Ratio: 18g coffee / 288g water
Grind: 22 setting on Baratza Encore (around 630 microns)
Water Temperature: 208F
Filter: standard filter


0:00 - 60g
0:40 - 140g
1:20 - 210g
1:55 - 288g
Total Brew Time - 3:20

1. Boil - Start by filling up your kettle with water. If you have an electric kettle, set the temperature to 208F. If not, bring the water to a boil then let cool before brewing.

2. Grind - Weigh out 18g of coffee, and grind on your Baratza Encore at setting 22.

3. Pre-wet Filter - Place a filter into your Kalita Wave. Pour warm water over the filter, until you hit every spot. This avoids any papery tastes in your coffee. Make sure to dump this water out before brewing.

4. Begin Brewing - Make sure your scale is zeroed, and start your timer. Add 60g of water, then wait until your timer says 40 seconds.

5. Continue Brewing - At 40 seconds, continue pouring water until you reach 140g. Wait until your timer says 1:20, then pour until you reach 210g. Wait until your timer says 1:55, then pour until your timer says 288g. Your total brew time, the point where you can take your Kalita off the brewing vessel, should be about 3:20.

6. Enjoy! - Pour into your favorite pre-warmed mug, and enjoy!