June 24, 2020

Brewing: Tanzania Lyamungo Peaberry

Welcome to our brewing series, this time focusing on a new Tanzanian peaberry from the Lyamungo Estate. Our inspiration behind this series is to help our community either begin their journey into manual brewing methods, or act as a starting point for additional tweaking and calibration for those who are more seasoned.

Each post will include recipes for at least one of these three popular manual brewing devices (Chemex, V60, and Aeropress), and will include grind settings based on a Baratza Encore, a popular entry-level home burr grinder. We are excited to team up on this series with Alex Wallace (@wallacecoffee on Instagram), who will be contributing his personal recipes and findings with each coffee.

So without further ado, let's brew some Tanzania Lyamungo Peaberry!

Tanzania Lyamungo Peaberry

Region - Kilimanjaro
Varietal - Bourbon, Kent
Process - Fully Washed
Elevation - 1300 M
We Taste: raspberry, candy apple, chamomile

Lyamungo Estate is located in the foothills of Tanzanian mountains, next to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Sharing a border with Kenya, and being relatively close to Ethiopia, coffee has long been a part of Tanzania's history and culture. Volcanic soil, water supply, and climate all make for ideal growing conditions for great quality coffee.

This particular coffee is a peaberry, which is a natural mutation of the coffee seed. Typically, inside each coffee cherry are two seeds, flat on one side which face each other. With a peaberry, the two seeds form into one single, small, rounder seed. Peaberries are uniformly sorted out from the rest of a crop, and some believe they are more potent with flavors than regular coffee.

We love this coffee for it's incredible sweetness, and round, syrupy body. When we cupped this coffee, our team tasted white grape, caramel, and dates. If you've never tried a coffee from Tanzania, or a peaberry coffee, this is a perfect one to knock off your bucket list!

Alex Says...

This coffee did really well on the V60. It really brought out more of these bolder flavors which you wouldn't expect from a light roast. It starts off with this really sweet, baked goods aroma while brewing. Upon first sip you’re greeted with a dark chocolate flavor which leads into this heavier caramel sauce sweetness. It also reminded me of like dried dates or prunes. The longer it cools down the sweeter it gets and brings out this juicy white grape flavor and mouth feel. Lastly it has this subtle nuttiness that lingers on for a little while. It was a tasty coffee and it was on the “darker” side of flavors. Not roast, but flavors. Like chocolates, nuts, darker fruits, etc.⁣

Hario V60 Recipe

Quick Facts

Method: Hario V60
Ratio:  20g coffee / 320g water⁣
Grind: 17⁣ setting on Baratza Encore
Water Temperature: 205F
Filter: standard Hario V60 filter

0:00 - 60g
0:45 - 190g⁣
1:30 - 320g⁣
Total Brew Time - 3:05

1. Boil - Start by filling up your kettle with water. If you have an electric kettle, set the temperature to 205F. If not, bring the water to a boil then let cool before brewing.

2. Grind - Weigh out 20g of coffee, and grind on your Baratza Encore at setting 17.

3. Pre-wet Filter - Place your V60 on top of the vessel you plan to brew into, and place a filter into the V60. Pour warm water over the filter, until you hit every spot. This avoids any papery tastes in your coffee. It also pre-warms the V60 and your brewing vessel, to avoid coffee cooling upon contact. This is also a good chance to pour warm water in your mug as well. Make sure to dump this water out before brewing.

4. Begin Brewing - Make sure your scale is zeroed, and start your timer. Add 60g of water, then watch your coffee bloom! Wait until your timer says 45 seconds.

6. Continue Brewing - At 45 seconds, continue pouring water until you reach 190g. When your timer reaches 1:30, continue pouring water until you reach 320g. If timed right, your total brew time, and the point where you can take your V60 off the brewing vessel, should be about 3:05.

7. Enjoy! - Pour into your favorite pre-warmed mug, and enjoy!

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