June 8, 2021

Brewing Guide: Cold Brew

There's nothing better than a glass of cold brew over ice in the summer. Cold brew is naturally smooth, and less acidic than iced coffee, which  is brewed as hot coffee before being cooled. We're laying out our favorite recipe, so you can  follow these step-by-step instructions to make kick ass cold brew at home!

We recommend using the Alto Cold Brew filters we feature in this recipe as it's an inexpensive, easy way to brew in any container. Our Space Cadet blend is our go-to for cold brew, and the same blend we use for all of our cold brew cans, so that'll be the coffee we showcase in the following guide. But feel free to use any coffee you'd like.

Now let's brew some cold brew!

Cold Brew

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Quick Facts

Method: Cold Brew
Ratio: 4.5 oz coffee / 48 oz water
Grind: Coarse - similar to french press
Steep time: 12 - 16 hours
Filter: Alto cold brew filters

1. Grind -
Weigh out 4.5 oz of coffee, and grind coarse, similar to french press grind (should be about the consistency of breadcrumbs). Unsure of grind, or don't have a grinder? You can have us grind your coffee for you  (choose French Press), or buy a grinder from us.

2. Fill Filter - Open the alto cold brew filter, and fill with grounds.

3. Presoak -
 Presoak the grounds with an ounce or two of water over the container you'll be brewing in.

4. Tie Filter -
 Tie the filter closed at the top.

5. Submerge - Submerge your filter in 48 oz of water.

6. Let It Steep - Put your container in the fridge, and let it steep. We recommend 12 - 16 hours, but you may need to experiment a bit to see what you like best! Best steep times can differ based on coffee being  used, as well as grind size.

7. Remove Filter - Remove the filter from your container.

8. Enjoy - Pour over ice, and enjoy!

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