Partner Spotlight: Mighty Squirrel

The Mighty Squirrel Brewery and Taproom opened it's doors in Waltham last December. It's a 24,000 square foot space with 40 draft lines at it's main bar, a Central Rock climbing gym attached, two patios for outdoor seating, and... a cafe!

Co-founders Henry Manice and Naveen Pawar started Mighty Squirrel in 2015, with the idea for the brand being to create beers that pair well with an active lifestyle. As a company that was founded by two once-competitive cyclists, we can relate! The taproom is located near the 300-acre Beaver Brook Reservation, great for trail running, walking, and mountain biking, and as mentioned previously, you can do some bouldering at the Central Rock gym next door before sipping on a Cloud Candy New England IPA!

Overall, this place has great vibes - whether you're looking to sit for an hour with your laptop, or just grabbing a drink to go. The team is knowledgable and friendly, and they understand that while beer is the focus, there's a lot that goes into making great coffee, and they've invested time, with the help of our team, into learning how to do it well.

Recently, we partnered with Mighty Squirrel to create 'Velvet Moon' for their taproom, and the beer was so popular they decided to continue it's production and can it!

Velvet Moon is a milk stout brewed with cocoa nibs, and our cold brew blend of beans from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Ethiopia. It's rich and roasty, and downright delicious.

Make sure to stop by when you're in Waltham, or give their beer a try next time you see it on tap or in stores!

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