Colombia Aponte Honey
Colombia Aponte Honey
Colombia Aponte Honey

Colombia Aponte Honey

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We Taste  orange, creamed honey, rice krispies
Region  Nariño
Varietal  Caturra, Colombia
Process  Honey
Elevation  1525 - 2400 M
Similar  Honduras COMSA Natural, Colombia Ruben Erazo

Roasted Schedule:
This is a limited release coffee, which means the number of times we roast this coffee each week is also limited. Orders may be delayed 1-2 days to ensure freshness, waiting for the next roast.


The village of Aponte is located in the Department of Nariño in the southwest region of Colombia. It is one of the highest regions in the Colombian Andes Mountains. Aponte is populated by the indigenous Inga people, who speak a dialect of the Kichwa language native to southern Colombia, Ecuador, and parts of Peru.

The majority of Colombia's coffee is washed, but there has recently been more experimentation with alternative processing methods. This coffee is "honey" processed, which means the coffee was depulped and dried with mucilage on the seed (vs a natural, where the entire fruit is dried with the seed inside). This not only increases the sweet and fruitiness of the coffee, but also avoids a large amount of water waste.

We haven't had a honey processed coffee since the beginning of 2020, and boy have we missed them! This coffee is fantastic and makes up for this 18+ month hiatus. It has soft citrus notes and a honey-like sweetness. We love how the honey-process really allows this coffee to shine, adding a bit of fruitiness without overpowering its inherent flavors.