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Headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, and distributed throughout the North Shore of Boston’s seacoast, Atomic Coffee Roasters LLC. commonly referred to as “Atomic”, is a New England-based coffeeroaster, wholesaler, and retailer.

The Atomic brand was born in 1996 when it’s first shop was built in Beverly, MA, fulfilling a dream that two Mahoney brothers, Andrew, and John both shared. Now headquartered in Salem, Atomic Coffee Roasters is a second-generation business that is owned and operated by the Mahoney family. Over the last two decades, the brothers opened two additional cafes, maintained a central roasting operation,warehouse, and distribution center, and a flourishing wholesale business, distinguishing itself as an award-winning specialty coffee roaster in the exploding coffee industry.

Although the café in Beverly still serves as the flagship store, the company has recently shifted it’s focus from cafes to it’s wholesale business. In keeping Atomic a family business, when former Co-owner Andrew decided to explore new opportunities in Florida, another Mahoney brother, Mark, stepped in and joined the company. He brings years of experience in the beverage industry, plus his son, Logan, with him. Mark offered a quote on the changes, saying, “I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with my brother John who has built an amazing brand through hard work, customer service and excellent products. John and I are thrilled to welcome Logan (2nd generation) into the Atomic family business, Logan will be responsible for expanding the product portfolio and developing new markets. The entire Atomic Team is passionate about product excellence, innovation and building upon the core fundamentals of a local, family owned business”.

The Mahoney’s will put a focus on quality, consistency, and local relationships, just as they have with their cafes over the last 20 years...