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Atomic Cold Brew

This is our original cold brew, the same recipe we've been pouring on tap at our cafe for years now. A blend of high quality coffees from Central America and Africa, we taste notes of clementine, nougat, burnt sugar, with a clean, crisp finish.

Atomic Cold Brew is great both served in a glass over ice, as well as straight from the can!


Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew - there's really nothing quite like it, is there?  Crisp, chocolatey, and velvety smooth. We use a blend of high quality coffees from Central America and Africa, and infuse it with liquid nitrogen, which leaves us tasting notes of orange zest, dark chocolate, and pecan, with a full, creamy body.

Give your can of Atomic Nitro Cold Brew a shake, wait 5 seconds, then crack and pour into a glass (no ice) for best results, or enjoy straight from the can!

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Why Atomic?

First and foremost, we are a coffee company, not a marketing company. A lot of cold brews on the market are made by companies that buy their coffee pre-roasted, outsource the brewing, and sell a product that is heated to 200+ degrees so that it's able to sit on a shelf unrefrigerated. We don't see the point in cold brewing a product, just to then go boil all the flavor out of it.

We roast our coffee in house, the week that it goes into a 24-hour brew. We keep it cold throughout the whole process, and our cans require refrigeration because we choose not to heat it up for pasteurization.

We invite you to try the difference between our cold brew, and the cold brew you're able to find on the inner aisles of a supermarket. We have a strong feeling you won't go back!

Cold Brew on Tap

We serve both Cold Brew, and Nitro Cold Brew on tap at our cafe, and distribute kegs to other cafes, restaurants, colleges, and offices.

Interested in serving Atomic Cold Brew on tap at your cafe or restaurant? Click here.

Interested in having Atomic Cold Brew available on tap at your office? Click the link below!

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