What is the challenge?


On December 1st, we perform 1 minute of “dead hanging”. A dead hang is essentially holding yourself in a hanging position from a pull-up bar. Every day after day one, we add 10 seconds to the daily total hang time. So day two will be 1:10, day three 1:20, day four 1:30… etc. so that eventually, on December 31st, we’ll do 6 minutes of hanging.

The challenge can be scaled so that it can be participated by all. The total daily hang times can be broken up into multiple sets, or even throughout the whole day!


Our fIfth year.


- 2020 will be our fourth annual Dead Hang Challenge!

- We've had over 5,000 participants take on the challenge

- There will be tons of prizes from Atomic Coffee Roasters

- The perfect way to get your grip strength training back on track

- We take on the challenge as a community

- We have a ton of fun!