We'll deliver and set up the equipment, bring fresh Cold Brew & Nitro Cold Brew in kegs, and keep everything running smoothly.

When you're running out, place an order and we'll re-supply on a schedule that works for you!

Call (978) 910-0489 to learn more (or reach out with the form below!).

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Cold brew is coffee that's brewed cold. It's steeped for 24 hours, poured into kegs, and then kept cold until if flows through the tap at your office.

The result of cold brewing is a smoother, less acidic taste.

Nitro Cold Brew goes one step further, where we infuse the coffee with nitrogen. Nitro cold brew cascades as it pours, much like a Guinness, and delivers a delicious coffee with a creamy texture. 


We've been in the specialty coffee game for over 20 years. We're a family business from the North Shore, and coffee is our passion.

The main thing that sets us apart is that we do everything in house. We source our beans, roast them to order at our roastery in Salem, cold brew at our cold brewery in Danvers, and then deliver them to you.

We take pride in delivering the best possible cup of coffee, so subbing out any part of this process to a third party just wouldn't feel right. 


Set up is easy! All you need is a spot against a wall to fit our kegerator, and a plug. On the first delivery, one of our team members will bring and assemble everything you need to get up and running!

Close to running out? We can deliver more on your schedule. We have an app that makes ordering easy - just submit the order, and we'll make sure you don't run out of coffee (a scary thought!).

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