Ethiopia Tekamo Mekiso
Ethiopia Tekamo Mekiso
Ethiopia Tekamo Mekiso

Ethiopia Tekamo Mekiso

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Limited Release

We Taste  apple blossom, sweet, peach nectar

Region  Yirgacheffe
Varietal  Ethiopian Heirloom
Process  Natural
Elevation  1950 M

Roasted Schedule:
This is a limited release coffee, which means the number of times we roast this coffee each week is also limited. Orders may be delayed 1-2 days to ensure freshness, waiting for the next roast.


Tekamo Mekiso is the name of the farmer that grew and processed this coffee, on his 9.4 hectare farm in Ethiopia. The coffee is a natural processed, bringing great sweet, fruity goodness on top of classic Yirgacheffe characteristics.

This is a natural processed coffee, which means after the cherries have been picked, they are dried on raised beds (the full fruit, with the seed inside) for 15 to 21 days. Every few hours the cherries are moved to ensure uniform drying. After the drying period, the seeds are picked and sorted from the cherries by hand. We love natural processed coffees for their distinct fruitiness!

The flavors of this Ethiopian natural are wild. We have a soft spot for natural processed Ethiopians, and this coffee is everything we could have hoped for. Tons of fruit notes, with a refined acidity. When we cupped this coffee, our team tasted apple blossom, great sweetness, and peach nectar.