Kenya Boma AA

Kenya Boma AA

Limited Release

We Taste  lemongrass, cranberry juice, brown sugar

Region  Kericho County
Varietal  SL28, SL34
Process  Fully Washed
Elevation  1700 -  2000 M

Roasted Schedule:
This is a limited release coffee, which means the number of times we roast this coffee each week is also limited. Orders may be delayed 1-2 days to ensure freshness, waiting for the next roast.


This coffee comes to us from Kericho County, located in western Kenya. 'Boma' is the name of the washing station in the area, where the cherries are brought and processed for export. There are 360 members of the washing station, of which 120 are women. The average member cultivates a couple hundred coffee trees on half-acre plots, intercropped with bananas, and macadamia trees. Coffee is dried for 14-17 days, then washed according to traditional processing.

All Kenyan coffee is graded, and sorted based on the size of the bean after processing. 'AA' is the designation assigned to the largest sized beans. Other designations include AB, C, and PB. While some regard AA as being a designation of the highest quality, this is only one of the many factors that contribute to great Kenyan coffee.

Kenyan coffees come with a very clean profile, often with complex brightness, and some great sweetness. That's exactly what this Boma AA delivers, showing off it's brightness with a nice floral aroma and a juicy body. When we cupped this coffee, our team tasted lemongrass, cranberry juice cocktail, and brown sugar.