Mexico Garcia Luna

Mexico Garcia Luna

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apricot, 'nilla wafer, sweet & lingering



San Vicente Yogondoy is a lush, forested, and remotely located community in the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca. Their coffee grows under a dense native shade canopy facing the Pacific Ocean to the south and receives a very distinct rainy and dry season with cooling breezes off the ocean.

The Garcia Luna family has organized with extended family members to continue the tradition of maintaining almost 100% Pluma variety. This variety is the local mutation of Typica that thrives in these conditions and has been grown for over 80 years. Several of the farmers are also under the age of 30, an encouraging fact showing the future of coffee farming in this special, unique community.

This is the first time we have ever showcased this unique coffee variety, and we love it for its complex aromatics and for tasting like sweet apricot and vanilla.

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