Ethiopia Gore Dako


Gore Dako Brewing

Follow along as we brew Ethiopia Gore Dako with Jonathan!


Dose & Yield: 18g:54g
Grind: Fine
Water Temp: 205

Brew Times & Technique:



Floral, juicy, light body, and a lingering sweet finish. This recipe helps us properly extract this light roasted coffee, hence the bigger ratio. A longer contact time will lead to the full range of flavors Gore Dako has to offer! We enjoyed the espresso as is and as a base to a bigger milk/water based beverage, such as a latte or americano.


Dose & Yield: 20g:320g
Grind: Medium-Fine
Water Temp: 205

Brew Times & Technique:
0:00-0:45 60g Bloom
0:45-1:15 Pour to 190
1:55-2:20 Pour to 320g
Total Brew Time ~ 3:40



  1. Brief- A Melodrip is used in this recipe. This device helps to decrease the amount of agitation in your brew. If you don't have one, simply pour the water over the back of a spoon, making sure to distribute the water as evenly as possible.

  2. Heat Water- Start by filling up your kettle with water. If you have an electric kettle, set the temperature to 205F. If not, bring the water to a boil then cool for a moment before brewing.

  3. Grind- Weigh out 20g coffee, and grind to a medium coarseness.

  4. Brief/Pre-wet Filter- Place your dripper on top of the vessel you plan to brew into, and place a filter into the dripper. Pour hot water over the filter, until you hit every spot. This avoids any papery tastes in your coffee. It also pre-warms the dripper and your brewing vessel, to avoid coffee cooling upon contact. This is also a good chance to pour warm water in your mug as well. Make sure to dump this water out before brewing.

  5. Begin Brewing- Place your dripper and brewing vessel on top of your scale. Add your coffee to the filter. Make sure your scale is zeroed, and start your timer. Pour 60g of water, then wait until your timer says 45 seconds.

  6. Continue Brewing- At 45 seconds, continue pouring water over the Melodrip until you reach 190g. Wait until the water draws down from the dripper which should be around 1:55, then pour over the Melodrip again until you reach 320g. Your total brew time, the point where all the water has drained through the coffee bed, should be between 3:30-3:40.

  7. Enjoy- Pour into your favorite pre-warmed mug and enjoy!



In my initial experiments my brews were prone to clogging, leading to an unwanted astringency. This is due in part to the amount of agitation from the kettle stream, displacing the fine coffee particles and clogging the filter. To mitigate this, we used the Melodrip and the results proved to be tasty! Juicy, plum, mellow florals, and a long finish.

👋 Jonathan

Jonathan Feliciano is our Event Coordinator and resident brewing expert. Jonathan leads most of our free roastery tours and Coffee Education classes, which you can learn more about by clicking the button below!