Follow along as we brew Singletrack with Jonathan!

Batch Brew

Dose & Yield: 45g:867g
Grind: Medium-Coarse
Water Temp: 200



  1. Heat Water- Your batch brewer may not have a temperature adjust feature. If it does, set it to 200F.
  2. Grind- Your dose will vary depending on your minimum batch brewer specs. For this recipe we used a Bonavita 8-cup brewer. The minimum batch size according to the manual is a 6 (European) cup brew which is equal to 867g of water. Weigh out 45g of coffee, then grind to a medium coarseness.
  3. Pre-wet Filter- Place a filter into the brewer basket. Pour hot water over the filter, until you hit every spot. This avoids any papery taste in your coffee. Make sure to dump out this water before brewing. This is also a good chance to pour warm water in your mug as well.
  4. Brew- Add your coffee to the filter. Lock your brew basket back into your machine and choose the appropriate batch size.
  5. Enjoy- Pour into your favorite pre-warmed mug and enjoy!



Some batch brewers use a European cup size which means 1 cup = 5 oz, something to be aware of when dialing in your recipe/ratio!

Singletrack is a three component blend with coffees from Central America and Africa. These coffees come together to give us a rounded drinking experience. Freshly brewed this blend reminds us of chocolate and baking spices, and as it cools the African coffee punches through to offer a bit of acidity. If you like to add cream and/or sugar we recommend tightening that ratio to a 1:15 instead of 1:19. This allows the coffee to better withstand the additions.



Dose & Yield: 80g:1000g
Grind: Coarse
Water Temp: 36

Brew Times & Technique:
24 hour steep



  1. Grind- Weigh out 80g coffee and grind to a coarse grind that resembles sea salt.
  2. Steep- Place your ground coffee into the mesh filter and pour water over the grounds, ensuring full saturation of the coffee. Cap the brewer and place it in the fridge for a 24 hour steep.
  3. Enjoy- Once 24 hours has passed, remove the mesh filter and discard the grinds. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!



This recipe is for a ready to drink cold brew, meaning it doesn't need to be diluted with water. If you would like to make a true concentrate, we recommend doing a 1:4 ratio.

Cold brew coffee is one of the easiest ways to make coffee. If you'd like to taste more of the fruity notes in your cold brew, simply "hot bloom" your grounds. You can do this by splitting the water volume in half between cold and hot water. Bloom with hot water for about one minute, then add the cold water and steep.

👋 Jonathan

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