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Regular price$15.50

costa rica, ethiopia, brazil

out of this world

ethiopia heirloom

washed / natural

plum, cranberry, marzipan


Insert your best “coffee that’s out of this world” pun here... but the origin behind the Cosmo name actually lies much closer to home. This blend was formerly known as “Cosmopolitan Espresso”, named as such because it brings together three coffees from vastly different parts of the world. Don’t get us wrong-- we still love this coffee as a double shot, but we updated the name to reflect that it’s also great for other brew methods. Choose this medium-light roast and you’ll find notes of plum, cranberry, and marzipan.

For espresso, we recommend starting with 18 grams in, 36 grams out, in about 27 seconds.

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This coffee is part of our daily roasting schedule, which means we are roasting it every day, Monday - Friday. Your coffee will be roasted within 24 hours of when your order was placed (or on Monday, if you place your order after we begin production on Friday).

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Running out of coffee is no fun! We've put systems in place to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible, shipped as quickly as possible. Most orders roast and ship the following business day.

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