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Singletrack is a collaboration with the New England Mountain Bike Association, which celebrates the sport, community, and history of mountain biking in the Northeast.

The name “Singletrack” refers to a narrow trail that is typically only wide enough for one rider at a time. They often feature technical challenges like twists, turns, rocks, and roots, obstacles that New England mountain bikers are far too familiar with.

This blend of coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Honduras is a classic medium roast profile that is sweet and toasty with a round body. Our team tasted notes of brown butter, caramelized sugar, and walnut.


The best part about this collaboration is that it benefits the New England Mountain Bike Association, whose mission is to promote the best that mountain biking has to offer, steward the trail systems where they recreate and preserve open space. NEMBA was founded over 30 years ago and is focused on recreational trail advocacy with 35 Chapters throughout New England and over 10,000 members.

Atomic was founded by professional cyclists nearly thirty years ago, and we have active NEMBA members on our team today. We're lucky to have many great trail options in New England, including Vietnam in the Hopkinton/Milford area, which is owned by NEMBA (the first MTB group to ever purchase its own land in 2003!).



I'll be sad to see this one go...

Love this bean/roast! I was a bit hesitant to try, but really glad I did because it's so smooth and the flavor was uniquely delicious.

Eleni H.

Beans that make your mouth go WOW!
This coffee smells like chocolate bars in the bag and taste great when used to pull shots from my espresso machine at home. I would 100% recommend this for anyone that makes drip coffee or espresso.

Spencer H.

Great Coffee

Tried it for the first time today in my french press and loved it.

Erik J.