Daydream Decaf

Daydream Decaf

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bourbon, mundo novo

water processed

chocolate, shortbread, nutty tones


We think Daydream is as close to perfect as a decaf can be, as Brazilian coffees are decaffeinated using a chemical free, Mountain Water Process. We have crafted the roast profile so that you can achieve optimal extraction and flavor on drip, espresso, and more! We taste chocolate, shortbread, and nutty tones.

Decaffeination Process: the majority of decaf coffees on the market use chemicals to remove the caffeine from the coffee seeds. Water-processed decaf works something like this:

Coffee is soaked in warm water, filled with coffee solids (everything that makes coffee coffee except for caffeine). The water is so saturated with “coffee stuff” that the compounds in the beans being decaffeinated are not absorbed by the water – only caffeine is extracted, allowing the coffee to keep it's natural flavors.

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