Decaf Brazil

Decaf Brazil

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We Taste  caramel, honey, bittersweet chocolate

Region  Mogiana, Minas Gerais
Varietal  Bourbon, Mondo Novo Hybrid
Process  Water Processed
Elevation  800 - 1200 M
Great For  Drip, Espresso, Manual Brewing

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This coffee is part of our daily roasting schedule, which means we are roasting it every day, Monday - Friday. Orders are typically roasted, and shipped the day after your order is placed.


Over the last few months, we went back to the drawing board on our decaf options. After many test roasts, cuppings, and espresso tastings, we've settled on one decaf option to rule them all, and revamped the profile for our Decaf Brazil to work perfectly as both a great option for brewing, as well as espresso.

The coffee that makes up Decaf Brazil comes from the Mogiana region, in the northern part of the state of  Sao Paulo. Mogiana has a great reputation for cup quality.

Founded in 1985, the Cooperativa de Cafeicultores e Agropecuaristas (COCAPEC) today has grown to over 2,000 members, and is renowned for its technical support and natural drying methods. The cooperative’s technical department works in partnership with its members to guarantee consistent coffee quality.

Decaffeination Process: the majority of decaf coffees on the market use chemicals to remove the caffeine from the coffee seeds. Water-processed decaf works something like this:

Coffee is soaked in warm water, filled with coffee solids (everything that makes coffee coffee except for caffeine). The water is so saturated with “coffee stuff” that the compounds in the beans being decaffeinated are not absorbed by the water – only caffeine is extracted, allowing the coffee to keep it's natural flavors.

To non-decaf drinkers, decaf can get a bad rap. But if presented with a cup of Decaf Brazil, we don't think you'd even know it was decaf! This is a coffee you can (and we do) drink all day long. Tons of chocolate and caramel notes, with a soft, round body.

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