Cold Brew Blend

Cold Brew Blend

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We Taste  smooth, chocolate, caramel, cherry, stonefruit

Region  Ethiopia, Honduras, Nicaragua
Varietal  Caturra, Typica, Heirloom
Process  Fully Washed
Elevation  1200 - 1700 M

Roast Schedule:

This coffee is part of our daily roasting schedule, which means we are roasting it every day, Monday - Friday. Orders are typically roasted, and shipped the day after your order is placed.



1. Grind coffee coarse (or have us grind it for you)
2. Measure 1oz coffee for every 7oz of water
3.Place grinds in filter (i.e. cheesecloth) and secure bag so grinds to not escape.
4. Steep bag in tepid water for 14-18 hours
5. Remove bag from water and drain coffee into the brewing vessel, this is your concentrate (yes, it is strong)
6. Measure liquid, you should yield 75% liquid from start, approx. 4-6oz
7. Add water to double concentrate volume to 8-12oz, now you have Cold Brew

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