Simple Summer
Simple Summer

Simple Summer

Summer Blend

We Taste  mango, peach preserves, marshmallow

Region  Ethiopia
Varietal  Ethiopia Heirloom
Process  Natural / Washed
Elevation  1500 - 2100 M

Roast Schedule:
This is a limited release coffee, which means the number of times we roast this coffee each week is also limited. Orders may be delayed 1-2 days to ensure freshness, waiting for the next roast.


Six feet of separation. N95 masks. Toilet paper shortages. Reopening phases... It’s safe to say our “new normal” this year has been complicated, and we're just hoping for a summer that's a little more simple.

Introducing Simple Summer. A seasonal summer blend of two Ethiopian coffees, a washed Kochere, and a natural Guji, that come together to create a bright, fruity, and ‘simply’ delicious cup. Truth be told, it just tastes like summer!

Simple Summer pairs well with bringing the dogs to the beach, above ground swimming pools, and any outdoor activity that reminds you of a simpler time, and doesn't require a face mask.

When we cupped this coffee, our team tasted mango, peach preserves, marshmallow, and simpler times.

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