Light Roast Subscription

Light Roast Subscription

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Roaster's Choice Subscription

October Coffee: Witch City

What You'll Receive:

This is a roaster's choice subscription, which means the coffee you'll receive each month will be chosen at random. Selections change on the first of each month. All bags are 12 oz. If you order multiple bags per delivery, each bag for that delivery will be the same selection.


Our Light Roast Subscription is perfect for the at home brewer that enjoys coffees with a lighter roast profile. Lighter roasts help to highlight the flavors and uniqueness of the coffee's origin, tend to be more acidic, and emphasize floral, citrus, and fruitier notes.

This subscription will be primarily single origins, with the occasional season blend thrown into the mix. Since the majority of our limited release coffees are light roasts, this is the subscription that will guarantee you receive the best selection of new beans!


How much coffee would you like?

You can choose to increase the quantity (how many 12 oz bags you receive with each delivery) by changing the quantity above the "Add to Cart" button.

1 x 12 oz bag = enough for roughly 1-2 cups (10 oz) each day for a week

2 x 12 oz bags = enough for roughly 2-4 cups (10 oz) each day for a week

3 x 12 oz bags = enough for roughly 3-6 cups (10 oz) each day for a week


How often would you like us to send it?

You can also change the frequency (how often we send you fresh coffee) by changing the delivery dropdown menu, underneath the "subscribe and save" option.

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